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Nyhetsbrev Inflight VR

Inflight VR utvecklar ett helt system för IFE, en mjukvarulösning som möjliggör kommunikation mellan användare och flygpersonal i den virtuella världen. Här kan du läsa det senaste nyhetsbrevet.


Newsletter September / October 2018

5th November 2018

”The September – October period saw the first real and systematic deployment of the Inflight VR virtual reality headsets on scheduled flights, while interest is rising with other major parties. The Inflight VR team was also involved in several commercial aviation related events and amongst the finalists in two award contends.


Small Planet Airlines introduced Inflight VR headsets on board scheduled flights

In early September, Small Planet began formally offering the Inflight VR virtual reality solution on board some of its scheduled flights, becoming herewith the very first carrier to provide this service on a regular basis. Small Planet offered this new in-flight entertainment system on board two of its Airbus A320s that operated from Amsterdam to several South-European and Mediterranean destinations.

From the beginning, this highly advanced entertainment system, which brings all the benefits of virtual reality to the aircraft cabin, encountered great interest amongst the passengers. In addition to the overall quality of the offering, what they most enjoyed was the feel of space, of being in a different world that is provided by the concept. Nor did they realise the lapse of time.

The average usage time was one hour and 15 minutes, bearing in mind that the flights were mostly short haul. On medium-haul routes, the headsets where used up to 3.5 hours. Overall, this clearly demonstrated the positive passenger response to this totally new in-flight entertainment system.

The process of offering the headsets, their distribution, collection and storage back into the trolley were also easily handled by the cabin crew.

The operation had to be suspended after six weeks in view of Small Planet’s financial situation.

Nyhetsbrev Inflight VR 1

Inflight VR elected by Lufthansa #FlyingLab for exclusive pre-conference to the DMEXCO on September 10

The Lufthansa #FlyingLab exercise during which the Inflight VR virtual reality concept was tested on board the New York JFK – Frankfurt flight (flight LH401) on 10th October was a great success. Delegates having booked to be part of the event had the opportunity to test this totally new in-flight entertainment system and were very positively surprised by the quality of the offering as well as the wide variety of programmes and offerings. They also very much appreciated the comfort and lightness of the headset and were impressed by the high resolution of the images.

Fourteen devices were available on the flight, with each being used on average for one hour both by passengers and also by crew members. In addition, Inflight VR had an Airfi box installed on board the aircraft to generate the necessary WIFI to link the VR headsets to the crew device to send notifications to the VR headsets and to receive duty free orders. The thought-through solution and sound set up was convincing to all participants.

In addition to the inflight test, Lufthansa used three of the Inflight VR devices at their booth during the DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference) global business and innovation digital economy expo which took place in Cologne on 13th & 14th September. During the event, all headsets were reportedly in almost nonstop use, with positive and enthusiastic feedback from the numerous visitors who tried the Inflight VR solution.

Nyhetsbrev Inflight VR

Star Alliance deploys Inflight VR headsets in airport lounges

Star Alliance is deploying Inflight VR virtual reality headsets in its lounges at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Rom Fiumicino (FCO) airports for an initial three months period. The offering began in late October, with six headsets available at the registration desk of each lounge.

Depending on the success of the trial period, Star Alliance plans to eventually deploy the headsets in its other lounges. The objective is to provide its guests with a very versatile and efficient entertainment system which does not cause any disturbance to other guests nor requires any specific installation. ”

Nyhetsbrev Inflight VR 2

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15 November 2018

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