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Nyheter från Returnado


Client News

Asket – Phase 2 is live and we’re now automating all return administration for all their markets. This marks a milestone since it also allows us to start our ”platform” test were we are seeing if we can provide our core service to smaller merchants, with smaller minimum fees and minimal implementation/integration-costs

Helly Hansen – We’re expanding our relationship further and are now preparing onboardings of more markets for their secondary brand ”Helly Hansen WorkWear”, we’ll shortly be able to help their customers in Canada, Denmark, Italy and Finland.

Toteme – The implementation has been delayed, with the issues we and our client has had with their ecommerce agency not delivering on time or delivering correctly we’ve been forced to do more which takes time from our team and delays our recurring revenue and volume.

Since we’ve had to bill them several times more than previously thought we’ve agreed to credit roughly 160 000 SEK of already done billings/and coming billings.

On the plus side, plan is to go-live the end of coming week and we have pushed our front-end design to the max.

Royal Design / Rum21 – Finally live and used in customer service, warehouse and management. Right now live in Sweden where the bulk of the volume is and we’re working on deploying several markets the coming week.

Musto – Musto has decided to start working with re-conversion, which will be great for us since it activates another part of their agreement with us. Estimated up-tick in revenue is around an additional 100 000 SEK yearly.

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