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Friendbase räknar med stor tillväxt i Indien

Friendbase räknar med stor tillväxt i Indien

Friendbase växer vidare i Indien och efter att ha startat joint venture-bolaget Friendbase India Private Limited räknar bolaget nu med stor tillväxt på marknaden efter det att företagets nya plattform lanseras inom kort.

“We already have a solid user base in India, but to ensure we maximize the growth we want to ensure we have feet on the ground. The team in India will be focusing on creating local content, bringing in collaborations as well working with marketing and support. This is very exciting, and we welcome our new partners to the Friendbase family!”, säger Friendbases vd Deborah Lyngonis, vd Friendbase, i ett pressmeddelande.

Dr Suneel Sharma är Managing Partner på Friendbase India och hon tror att Friendbase kan få en viktig roll i det indiska samhället:

“India has a large and growing number of gamers where 60 percent are between the ages of 18 and 24 years. There is inclination for young people to play online games while parents and teachers are always worried about exposure of kids and young children to un-regulated social media. India in general is considered a traditional society with rich heritage and family values. It is right time to start thinking about ‘responsible and sustainable’. We as a company want to bring responsible practices through social technology and also contribute to sustainable policy making in the country.”

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