CBC Investment Group

Please use the form on the right. We have our office located in central Gothenburg, Sweden. Directions can be found if you click on the map. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Engelbrektsgatan 28
411 37 Göteborg

Phone: +46 31-757 70 10

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Investment Process

Our investment process holds 5 steps, read more about these below!

  • 1. An initial evaluation

    Each investment begins with an extremely accurate analysis process. An internal investment committee makes an initial analysis.

  • 2. In-depth analysis

    Due Diligence is a comprehensive work process with evaluation and analysis of the entire company.

  • 3. Meeting the company

    During the Due Diligence process, a number of meetings are held with the current company. Here, our external advisory board is also heavily involved. And great emphasis is placed on the entrepreneur.

  • 4. Investment and development

    When choosing an investment, the Due Diligence process is the basis for the negotiations with the company. If our terms are meet, a negotiation process will begin. In the event of a positive outcome, extensive investment documents are written, after which we will participate in the development of the company. When we find that the company is mature, individuals in our exclusive circle are offered to join the company.

  • 5. Exit

    The sectors we focus on are attractive with underlying exceptional fast-moving markets. In other cases, EXIT can be done through stock exchange listing, acquisition of management, merger with another company or sale of the company to another private equity company.