CBC Investment group

The CBC Investment Group started in 2009 during the financial crisis. The banks went on their knees, small and medium-sized businesses – all of them suddenly saw their credit and credit promises turned into demands for quick repayment and empty words. Talented entrepreneurs’ ideas and businesses risked going under. In response to this crisis, we started the CBC Investment Group.

Om oss CBC
Om oss CBC

For small investors with a large share interest

The need to find alternative financing solutions was high after the financial crisis. Our own solution was to form a group of investors, willing to enter as a partner in relatively new established companies with potential. This became the foundation of the CBC Investment Group. Prior to that, we had for 20 years, in various organizations and companies, developed, tested and refined our business strategy. We have taken stock of the stock exchange, developed business strategies and created added value to companies and shareholders.

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Our happiness is to see others succeed

Our vision is to create investment opportunities that do not favor large-scale players, but give everyone the same opportunity in the financial market. But also to be able to contribute capital to projects and companies that are in an exciting development phase. Today, we are one of the fastest growing digital platform for growth investments in the Nordic region. Between 2016 and 2017, we increased our turnover by just over 100% to (prel.) SEK 75 million. Since the beginning of 2010, we have received more than 300 million kronor for mainly Nordic growth companies.

Om oss CBC
Om oss CBC

CBC Investment Group Management and Investment Committee

Money is important, but not always everything for an investment object. Therefore, we also engage ourselves in business operations and development if it’s needed. In addition to just money, we add knowledge and experience in these cases. This means a greater personal commitment from us than from many other investment companies. To ensure internal excellence, our experienced investment committee is active in the work of all our companies and investment opportunities. All our investment decisions must first be approved by our investment committee.

Our mission in the companies can include everything from product development to marketing and international launch. We only engage ourselves in Nordic future companies and it is obvious that we are an alternative to the institutional financial market, thereby contributing to positive growth for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Nordic region.

Om oss CBC

CBC works together with the Gothenburg Opera

The collaboration means that CBC supports the Gothenburg Opera financially.

The Gothenburg Opera is one of Northern Europe’s leading opera houses and has been a springboard for many talents who achieved international success. The Gothenburg Opera has the mission of giving residents throughout Västra Götaland access to opera, dance and musicals. In order to reach a larger audience and attract more visitors to the opera house, the Gothenburg Opera regularly tours around the region. With both classical and contemporary musical expressions, the Gothenburg Opera shows how a modern opera house performs its mission – with high quality, dedication and innovation.

The Gothenburg Opera is important for the development of society by strengthening the involvement of residents, thereby giving individuals an opportunity to grow both on a personal and social level. An example is ‘Create’, which produces creative projects and artistic works by, with and for all who live in Västra Götaland. This is mostly aimed towards children and young people.

It complies with CBC’s setting. We want to see talented entrepreneurs develop and grow, while playing a greater role for a better society. The CBC is looking forward to a very interesting and rewarding cooperation with the Gothenburg Opera.

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